“Working with Alan was a pleasure as he is clearly in tune with his clients needs. With a skilful combination of expertise and vision, he was able to successfully integrate the ancient and modern into a home of such contrasting styles. We are delighted with the outcome.”

Bernard and Joyce Martin

“We are in no doubt as to how much you contributed to the project from the unique and original ideas to your calm and unflappable management.”

Tom and Carol Parke

“Thank you again for the work and creativity that you put into the design for the extension. I am certain that the ambience and amenity offered by the kitchen was very instrumental in differentiating the property and in securing a sale.”

Tom Slesenger

“It has been a great pleasure working with you and the combination of your professional advice, your steady and friendly approach and straight forward common sense have all contributed to a job well done that I am very pleased with.”

Professor Duncan Geddes

“Thank you for the drawings of this project. The minor adjustments to this design do not in any way affect my view that this could be a real gem, a building to enrich the architectural heritage of the village.”

Dennis McCoy - Architectural Advisor to the VOWHDC

“On entering the front door your breath is taken away with the internal space, vista and detail of the finish. All involved in this project should be congratulated for their bravery and vision.”

VOWHDC Design Award Judge

“The design of the extension clearly improves the house beyond what could have reasonably be expected and shows how good architecture regardless of style, will shine through.”

VOWHDC Design Award Assessor

“Drawing up outside the traditional facade of the house it was hard to remember why it had been shortlisted for an award - pretty enough, sure, but hardly eye opening. But it is what has been done behind the facade that merits the prize. The cottage has a vast glass extension added at the back of the old building, which creeps round a large portion of the side of the building into a swish angular u-shape. Cupped in the middle of the u, and hidden from the front by a plain brick wall, is a delicious secret.”

Daily Telegraph Design Awards Report

“Your design draws admiration from all who come along and the free-flowing space from the kitchen to decking to courtyard gardens works well. We are thrilled.”

Philip and Sue Kenrick

“Thank you for all the thought and care you have put into my new home.”

Elizabeth Parker-Jervis

“It was certainly inspiring seeing the beautiful Apollo offices, and I hope that one day this will be within our range. Please thank the architect for me on a stunning piece of work.”

Mike Oke

“Thank you very much for everything you have done. We are very pleased with the outcome.”

Roy and Jan Davies

We often just stop and say to each other how happy we are here and how lucky we were with you and the many others who helped. Every day has a good start going down those stairs!

Mr and Mrs R Hornsby



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